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Just give us a call and we will schedule a service repair ticket to have your Lexmark printer repaired. We provide you with on-site support from Miami - Orlando, so you're able to to have peace of mind.

lexmark Repair

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When it's your job to produce documents for special events, or to meet short-term demands for intense document production, RDS rental is the best choice.

Lexmark Copier Repair


Are you looking for a reliable Printing and Repair shop? A1 Printers Plus is your solution. Located in South Florida, A1 Printers Plus is the leading service provider in supplying Lexmark copiers, spare parts, and repair services.

Our Mission

To offer our clients with an environmentally friendly and digital printing solution that will reduce business costs and improve efficiency. We serve new and existing clients. Thanks to our many years in the industry, we understand our clients’ needs.

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  • We have a dedicated customer care team
  • We have qualified technicians
  • We offer on-site repairs
  • We believe in professionalism and offering quality services


Lexmark Copiers Repair Services
Copier replacement

What are you doing with an outdated printer? At A1 Printers Plus, we replace old Lexmark Copiers at no cost.

Copier Repair services

We solve problems such as fuser errors, fixing paper jams, and smells and creeks. Our qualified technicians have seen it all, and they will be of help. We charge no fee for minor repairs

Inks and toners

Has your Lexmark Copiers run out of ink and toner cartridges? At A1 Printer Repair, we allow our clients to pay for the toners. Place an order and we will deliver in 24 hours. We refill empty cartridges too.

Looking for Toners?

Lexmark LaserJet Toners are among the best ink cartridges that you can use for your printer. They can be used in many different printer lines and come in a range of sizes, and the ink is of the highest quality, thus ensuring a clear printing job. As a result, many schools, universities and colleges, business offices, and other workplaces have chosen to use Lexmark LaserJet toners, and they are ideal for the home office as well.

The finishing on Lexmark LaserJet Toners is seamless, and the cartridges are easy to install. Their quality is superior to that of any similar ink cartridge, and the specifications can even be varied to suit the needs and demands of each client. To make sure that they are safely delivered, the providers of Lexmark LaserJet Toners use the best-quality packaging — not to mention that they always arrive in a timely fashion.

As with all ink cartridges, Lexmark LaserJet Toners come in four colors — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — which are enough to print in countless different shades as the ways in which they can be combined are practically infinite. (Of course, CMYK is not the only color model for printers — some printers use six-scheme models, for instance.)


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My accounting office has been working with RDS for about 3 years. I must say they do a terrific job! Whenever I need anything Evelio always comes to the rescue within a 30-minute window. I strongly recommend this company they’re the best in town!

Delilah Harnouss - Miami
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With our remote diagnostic center, and highly skilled technicians, our goal is to minimize your worry and maximize your productivity.

Copier Rental Plan

Whether you need a multifunctional photocopier to handle large production jobs for only one day or a high speed color copier rental for just two years, we have a extensive line of business copy machines for all your copier needs.

We can repair all office copier brands & models

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With our remote diagnostic center, proactive maintenance program, and highly skilled technicians, our goal is to minimize your worry and maximize your productivity.