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Just give us a call and we will schedule a service repair ticket to have your Ricoh copier repaired. We provide you with on-site support from Miami - Orlando, so you're able to to have peace of mind.

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A working printer, whether for the home, office or both, is a necessity in these modern times. Unless you're trying to live off the grid somewhere in Alaska, you need a printer that does its job. One of the best brands of printers on today's market is Ricoh. However, even Ricoh copiers break down from time to time.

At A1Printers Plus, we are the best printer repair service in the Florida area. We can fix any kind of mono and color laserjet printers, label printers, xerox printers, and more. Our technicians provide on-site repair and outstanding customer service for all your printer repair needs. The other major brands we repair include:

  • Canon
  • Lexmark Authorized Partner
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Xerox
  • Brother
  • Epson

If your printer is down or not living up to its potential, give us a call at 954-739-1111 (Fort Lauderdale location) or (305) 468-9965 (Miami location) to schedule a service call. Be sure to have the following information handy before you call, this way the technician knows which parts to bring to fix your printer.

  • Make and model of your printer
  • General description of the printer problem
  • Error codes

Or you can fill out our form by clicking here with your name and the information listed above and a friendly technician will give you a call right away.


Ricoh Repair Service

Today's office copiers and printers are amazing modern marvels, but most people never think about their copiers until something goes wrong. Ricoh copiers are very sophisticated and reliable, mainly because the company produces a whole line of interactive "smart" office accessories. Their copiers can monitor themselves, detect problems before they happen, and even tell you exactly where the paper jam is located. But without common sense and routine maintenance, you are setting your business up for a set-back.

When your copier is down, your business is down

Imagine the inconvenience of "down" time if your copier goes on the fritz. What do you do? Time is of the essence, because you can't copy documents and pictures, or duplicate schedules and charts, or even print a decent "Out of Order" sign for the printer. Many printing businesses use a Ricoh copier to print out oversized prints and professional brochures, so a copier in disrepair can really impact your bottom line. When your copier goes down, you can either scroll the internet and start calling around for the cheapest prices, or you can call four different copier repair companies, and use the one that arrives first. Actually, there's a better way: Find a great repair service that specializes in Ricoh copiers, one that's been around for many years and has a sterling track record, and put your copier in their trusted hands.


Your go-to guys for Ricoh copier repairs

The seasoned copier repair technicians of A1Printers Plus are Florida's finest, and they are genuinely dedicated to keeping your copier or printer in top shape. That usually means dropping by your home or office within hours -if not immediately- with all the tools and parts to repair your Ricoh copier on the spot. Sometimes, though, great customer service is providing you with a "loaner" if your copier needs major repairs. Fill out our handy online form below to get the best possible care for your Ricoh copier.


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With our remote diagnostic center, proactive maintenance program, and highly skilled technicians, our goal is to minimize your worry and maximize your productivity.